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 The main products: zeolite, zeolite, zeolite, zeolite, activated zeolite ball, all kinds of special zeolite powder, high fineness of zeolite powder, feed additives, products are mainly used for water purification agent, quality improver, soil improvement agent, soil repair agent, heavy metals in soil management, air adsorption, biological organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer, special fertilizer for maize, potato and rice special fertilizer fertilizer, special fertilizer, fruit vegetable special fertilizer, chemicals, veterinary drugs, additives such as carrier.
 Hotline: 13903149247, 13633145305,
13643140236, 13833437198
  Chengde Bao State Mines Ltd./Chengde Hao Ran zeolite powder factory, is the result of the State Administration for Industry approved the joint-stock enterprises, the company address in Chengde City, Hebei Province, the lower bound of the town forever Village Courtyard Weichang County six groups...[详细]
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Chengde Bao State Mines Ltd. / Chengde Hao Ran zeolite flour mill
Contact: Sun Guoping
Phone: 0314-7840725
Fax: 0314-7842885
Chengde Bao State Mines Ltd.
Available at: QQ: 961384359
Chengde Hao Ran zeolite flour mill
Available at: QQ: 2090002355
Hotline: 13903149247,13633145305
Address: Hebei Weichang County town siheyong lower bound Village
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